About Us

About Angry Panda Athletics:

We are a U.S. Navy veteran owned company.  Our goal is to one day compete with larger companies through our brand items.  In the meantime, we offer a nice variety of Activewear apparel and sports goods for your everyday life and your work out routines.  We pride ourselves on offering competitive prices and quality goods.  We know you have an option to buy from other organizations, but we hope that we make your shopping experience fun and unique that you make Angry Panda Athletics your go to online shopping location.


Our Name:

The story behind our name derives from the tradition of callsigns in the military.  When I was stationed at Fleet Reconnaissance Squadron THREE ZERO (VRC-30), the junior personnel was giving their own callsigns to various people in the upper echelon of the command.  Since I was one of the senior personnel at the command, I was blessed with a callsign.  During this time, Kung Fu Panda was just in theaters and it was a very popular movie among the Sailors at the command.  And so, I earned the callsign of Kung Fu Panda.  Since Pandas are omnivores and are different from other bears, they can be considered hunters since they must find their own food source.  This leads to one of my drives to work.  I would listen to books while I drive an hour to my workplace.  The particular book that I was listening to talked of a hunter that left his homeland because of the unfair treatment that he witnessed there.  As he traveled away, he had to learn to live in seclusion with no contact from others.  Soon, his isolation got the better of him and he would often hunt and travel throughout the night, oblivious to what he was doing or the lengths that he would go.  The story spoke to me and it lit that light bulb in my head and sparked an idea.  The hunter had a goal of survival.  When he felt overwhelmed by the challenges that he faced, he would go into a certain state of fury.  This state of fury reminded me of an enraged state that a person might find themselves when they were backed in a corner.  That is how I was feeling at the time.  I felt like the world was coming down on me and trapping me.  As a hunter, I couldn't cower in the corner.....I had to fight.  And, fight is what I did.

But, this was only half of the name.  I liked the prospect of it, but I thought the company name needed more.  So, I thought back to the hunter and a high school lesson.  In high school, we studied Greek and Roman mythology.  This is actually one of my favorite lessons.  There is so much to learn from the Greeks and Romans.  High school was a trying time for me.  With the onslaught of hormones and the ever increasing challenges of girlfriends, I was a troubled young man.  I wasn't horrible, but I wasn't the best son I could be or the best student I could be.  I guess you could say that I felt backed in a corner and had to fight for freedom at this point of my life, too.  That is when I decided to change my situation and join the military.

For the powers that be has oversight over the hunter and helps to bring forth the enraged state needed to face the onslaught of the world and provide that extra help to reach his goal.  Whatever your goal is start your hunt and get enraged so that you can overcome all the challenges in your path.


Our logo:

The company logo comes from these lessons.  The logo is made up of three arrowheads.  The difference in colors is a representation of the Yin and Yang philosophy - for every good there is a bad and for every bad there is a good.  If you look at these arrows, you will see 5 lines that represent that little bit of good or bad in each part of our life.  We need to always remember that no matter how bad things are, there will always be a part of our lives that have some good in it.  And, vice versa, no matter how good things are, we must prepare ourselves to fight off the impending bad that is always trying to creep in.  The five lines in each of these arrows represent the 5 values of the company that I hold dear to my heart:  Family, Faith, Honor, Courage, and Commitment.



Family - I believe this is the foundation that holds us all together.  Whether your family is relatives, friends, or colleagues, our lives revolve around these individuals.  They represent the reason we fight so hard to win our everyday battles.

Faith - I am a Christian man and I hold faith close to my heart.  Everyone has something that guides them in their life.  Something that tells them what is right or wrong and usually checks us on our ability to do the right thing.  In my heart, it is Jesus Christ that talks to me and carries me through my hard times.  Without his guidance, I don't believe that I could have walked through my tough times.

Honor - Many may know what honor means.  However, to plainly state it, honor is high respect.  I am Korean and in my heritage, honor is a strong part of the culture.  If a person disrespects their family name, they are often disowned and made to leave the family.  I know this may sound cruel, but I believe that a person should represent their family to the best of their ability.  They should not bring any trouble to the family.

Courage - This is a strong part of each of us.  Courage is what gives each of us the fight to go on even in the face of danger.  No matter how hard things get, a person of courage can rise up to the challenge.

Commitment - A person should always stick to their commitments, their promises, and their word.  These things should not be given lightly for a person is bonded to them.  If you do not uphold to your commitments, you will soon lose respect and trust.  Once you lose that, it will be many years before you can earn them back.


That is Angry Panda Athletics and what we stand for.  Again, I want thank you for visiting Angry Panda Athletics and we look forward to being your go to shopping experience for all your Athletic clothing needs.


~ David Young (Owner, Angry Panda Athletics)