1.  Question:  Why do the some of the products ordered from the NRaged Artemis Brand have a strong odor from the package?

Answer:  Some products from the NRaged Artemis Brand are delivered a special package to maintain the quality of the produced item.  These items should be washed once before wear to eliminate the odor.


2.  Question:  Why are some of the shoes delivered without boxes?

Answer:  Some shoes are delivered and stored at the warehouse without the original shoe boxes to minimize storage space and to reduce delivery costs.  Additionally, this helps to reduce the weight of the delivery and allows for expedited shipping times.


3.  Question:  Why does shipping take 20-35 days for delivery?

Answer:  Some items are stored in overseas warehouses to reduce storage cost.  Additionally, this allows us to offer more products that are not stored in the USA warehouse and provides us the ability to reduce shipping cost to the customer.


4.  Question:  Why are some items produced with Asian sizes?

Answer: Some of our suppliers are overseas companies and normally produce items for their local market.  Since we strive to offer our customers a variety of products at lower prices, we have teamed up with a few of these suppliers to provide these products and are subject to their measuring criteria for their produced items.